Authentic Persian Hammam

We invite you to melt away into a haven of tranquillity, a retreat in which you relax, unwind and begin the journey towards total wellbeing.

The Persian Hammam start with 10 to 15 minutes of our steam room in order to make surface of your skin warm and moisten. You then lay on a fully heated tiled bed and your therapist will begin the process of cleaning your body with Kiseh (scrubbing mitt) and Sefidab (a white coloured natural substance which is an excellent exfoliator and peel for entire body). This is an essential part of Persian bath time routine used for more than 2000 years.

Next your body will be washed with Leef (scrubbing net) and soup; this will help to smooth and clean your skin.

The aftermath effect is astonishing as it creates a shining, beautiful, healthier and younger looking skin.

After your Hammam you will receive a Persian herbal and Persian Date Palm to help you relax your mind and soul. This completes your treatment.

Our treatment will help you escape, harmonise your body and soul, to cleanse you of everyday stresses and strains.