Beauty/Spa Services

Facilities and Treatment

Our single and couple treatment rooms are perfect for those who wish to enjoy their spa treatment in privacy. Complete with dimmed lights, soothing music and experienced therapist. This is the perfect for single or a couple to relax and get pampered.

Manicure/Pedicure Station

Keep your nails in pristine condition with a treatment tailored to your requirements. Our manicure and pedicure stations are none like others, fully fitted and equipped with the latest equipment to give you the extra touch for a complete relaxation beauty.


Persian room

Beautiful tiled steam room, keeping you with our Persian theme to help you detox and distress before your treatment.


Persian Hammam

A fully heated Tile Bed, used specifically for our 2 hour signature treatment for that ultimate Persian experience.



Eyebrow Tattoo from £200                                                                Upper Eyeliner from £300

Hair Stroke 3D feathered brow from £250                         Upper Liner and Bottom Liner £400

Bottom Eyeliner from £200                                                              Full Lip and Lip Line £350

Lip Line and Blend from £180


Hands                                                                             City Centre           Kings Heath                                                

Mini Manicure (File and Polish 15min)                               £12                           £12

Express Manicure (File, cuticle work, polish, 25 min)        £18                           £15

Luxury Manicure (File, Cuticle work, exfoliation, mask and polish, 55 min) £28                  £25



Mini Pedicure (File and Polish, 25 min)                              £18                          £15

Express Pedicure (File, polish, cuticle work and polish, 45 min) £25                         £20

Luxury Pedicure (File, cuticle work, exfoliation, mask and polish, 55min) £35                    £30


Shellac Hands

Shellac on Hands (File and Polish, 40 min) £28

Shellac Manicure (File, cuticle work and polish, 5o min) £30

Luxury Shellac Manicure (File, cuticle work, exfoliation, mask and polish, 75min) £38


Shellac Feet

Shellac on Feet (File and Polish, 40min) £28

Shellac Pedicure (File, Cuticle work and polish, 50min) £38

Luxury Shellac Pedicure (File, cuticle work, exfoliation, mask and polish, 75 min) £45


Price List

Nail Extensions

Acrylic £25 CC    £23 KH                                                                          Acrylic infill £18

Acrylic pattern per nail £3.50 CC      £3 KH                         Acrylic 3D Design per Nail £5

Gel Extensions £35                                                                                            Gel infill £25

Powder Gel Extension £28                                                                         Gel 3D Design £5

 Eye Maintenance

Eyelash tint £12

Eyebrow tint £8

Lash and Brow tint £16

Lash, Brow tint and eyebrow shape £21

Threading or Waxing

Eyebrows from £7 CC        £5 KH                                                Upper Lip £4 CC    £3 KH

Forehead £5 CC           £4 KH                                                                 Chin £5 CC   £4 KH

Cheeks £6 CC      £5 KH                                                                         Side £6 CC    £5 KH

Neck £6 CC        £5KH                                                                    Jaw Line £5 CC    £4 KH

Fun face without eyebrows £25 CC   £20 KH       Full face with Eyebrow £30 CC   £25 KH

Gentlemen Waxing

Eyebrows £10 CC     £7KH                                                      Neck Line £6 CC       £5 KH

Chest £23 CC      £20 KH                                                                Back £28 CC      £25 KH

Cheeks £8 CC       £5 KH                                              Chest and back £40 CC        £35 KH

Full arm £20 CC       £18 KH                                                 Half arm £15 CC          £12 KH

Hands £10 CC        £8 KH                                                        Half Leg £23 CC       £20 KH

Full Leg £33 CC        £30 KH

Shoulder £8 CC        £5 KH

BSC Wax (Hair removal from all the intimate are and buttocks) £55 CC       £50 KH

Ladies Waxing

Back                                          £18 CC               £15 KH
Half Leg                                   £18 CC               £15 KH
Full Leg                                    £33 CC              £30 KH
Bikini                                       £17 CC               £14 KH
Hollywood                              £28 CC              £25 KH
Stomach                                  £18 CC              £15 KH
Full arm                                  £18 CC              £20 KH
Lip and Chin                         £12 CC               £10 KH
Full Face Waxing without Eyebrow            £22
Full Face wax with Eyebrow                        £26
Full Leg & Bikini                     £35 CC         £30 KH
Brazilian                                   £23 CC         £20 KH
Underarm                                £10 CC          £8 KH
Mini Full Body (Full arm, full leg, under arm)          £60 CC       £50 KH
Full Body (including Bikini and Mini full body)        £75 CC       £63 KH
Full Body (including Brazilian and Mini full body)   £80 CC     £68 KH
Full Body (including Hollywood and Mini full body) £86 CC £73 KH
Luxury Full Body waxing (Whole body without Face and Neck) £180 CC £150 KH