MONU Facial Oil Treatment

Aromatic Facial (20min) £25
MONU Nourishing Facial treatment (25min) £27
MONU Express Facial for MEN (25min) £30
MONU Firming Fiji Facial treatment Plus Head massage (35min) £40

MONU Facial Cleanser Treatment

Active Cleanser (20min) £22
Gentle Cleanser (20min) £25
Clarifying Cleanser (25min) £30
Fresh Wash For MEN (25min) £30
New Skin Scrub For MEN (25min) £30
Rich Cream Cleanser (25min) £33

Body Treatments

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) (15 min) £18
Indian Head Massage (20 min) £25
Swedish Massage (25 min) £30
Back, Neck and Shoulder (30min) £35
MONU Revive and Relax Candle Massage (30 min) £37
Sports Massage (30min) £40
Aromatherapy massage (45min) £40
Full Body Massage (60 min) £45
Warm Deep Tissue Massage (60 min) £55
Hot Stone Massage (60min) £65
Therapeutic Message (trigger points) (60 min) £75
Neuromuscular therapy (postural analysis) (90mins) £110

Persian Hammam

Persian Hammam Ritual + Steam Room (60min) £65

Massage and Facial

If you’re looking for a Dynamic Massage Therapist….search no further!

Come in, unwind and relax.

With over 3 years of experience in massage therapy. We will make an immediate feeling of inner wellbeing. Your inner strength, will feel invigorated and relaxed.

If you are seeking someone who can perform a wide range of massage techniques and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, which is exactly what we are prepared to do.


We perform:

  • Deep tissues
  • Aromatherapy
  • Neuromuscular
  • Swedish
  • Many more massages Along with other techniques, I continuously increase client satisfaction through skillful service and my friendly professional manner.


We look forward to meeting you, at Tandis. The next visit you have at Tandis Hair & Beauty we will give you 20% off, if spending £30 or over in the spa and massage department.


For any Inquiry
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